Thursday 31 March 2011

Going way back ...

... back into time ...

Been away for ages and will be putting up new tunes, mixes etc...

In the mean time here's some old Pauly Acid / summer of love mixes 1989/90 era from the cassettes pictured :

House classics 1

Side A:

feat. Sandee, Safire, Project XYZ, Dionne, Underground Solution, Bobby Konders, Sueno Latino, Lil Louis

Side B:

feat. Terry Hunter, Kenny Dope, Bodywork, Revelation, Egotrip, Octave 1, Cisco Ferreira, Blake Baxter, LB Bad

House classics 2

Side A:
feat. Charvoni, Rhythm is Rhythim, Raven Maize, Todd Terry, loony Toons, Kariya, Richie Rich, Kenny Jammin' Jason, Sweet D, Sterling Void, House without a home, A Guy called Gerald, Fingers Inc, Sueno Latino,

Side B:
feat. Sandee, Sterling Void, Kraze, Phase II, Ce Ce Rogers, Dionne, Phuture, Fallout, Adonis, House matster Boyz, 2 in a room, Delite, Derrick May, Precinct 13

House classics 3

Side A:
feat. Maze, Ron Trent, Fingers inc feat Robert Owens, Mr Fingers, Virgo, Marshall Jefferson Presents Truth, Larry Heard

Side B:
feat. Fallout, Bobby konders, Laurent X, Mike Hitman Wilson, Bam Bam, Tom Salta etc...

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